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Test the efficacy of your corporate’s insurance program make the invisible gaps visible! Using the risk financing dashboard can change the board view on risk financing! Changing the view to risk severity will raise the attention significantly higher!


Change your client relationships from purely transactional to more long-term, consultative arrangements! Win new business by clear demonstration of your better service and real added value! Differentiate yourself from your competitors by an innovative tool!

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Control the risk financing process using the new risk financing dashboard ! Get the result of the test on the efficacy of the corporate risk financing program! Get benchmark information on corporate risk financing to help in decisions on transferring risks!

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Use iRiskProfile improving your service on risk financing issues! The visualization of the risk financing situation can validate decision-making in both territories ! iRiskProfile helps avoiding the risk of underinsurance of the targeted company !


Every company faces a variety of risks on a daily basis.

That’s the reason why the absolute majority of companies have insurance policies. But what happens if your policies are ineffective? What if your insurance cover does not match your actual risks?

There is no way to manage risks adequately without identifying them first.
That’s why we decided to create a new risk financing tool. iRiskProfile offers a way for corporations to quickly and accurately identify and evaluate their insurable risks, and presents the information on an easy-to-understand dashboard.

iRiskProfile raises awareness of gaps in corporate insurance covers, helps decision makers by displaying information on a practical platform, and helps create a risk financing process for your company to avoid serious financial situations in the future due to inadequate coverage.

Our service involves a risk financing dashboard to help controlling the risk financing process.

We are in development phase of our tool for supporting corporate risk financing. With this page our aim is to introduce our idea. Any feedback from you would be highly appreciated!

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To manage any risks of your company, first they need to be identified and analyzed. Here are a few examples why we believe that these need to be the first steps in case of the great risk of inefficiency of the corporate insurance program.

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What Risk Financing Experts Think

Risk Financing is a business where we handle very sensitive information - thus, we can't share information about our clients. Luckily, there are experts in the area who can help us understand the RF business better.

  • “Does non-performance of your insurance is featured on your risk register? Boards have a duty to ensure that corporate insurance cover is appropriate an effective!”

Mr Alpesh Shah, Partner, PWC UK

  • “It is also best practice for senior management to test the insurance program against specific scenarios, such as those at the top of the corporate risk map, with their insurance advisers. This will demonstrate and flush out any gaps in cover. "

John Hurrell, Chief Executive - AIRMIC

  • "Insurance programs require a governance framework that sets out the roles and responsibilities of the various parties, both internal and external. In particular, the Board must be satisfied that the arrangements provide the required level of coverage and the policy terms and conditions are reliable, adequate and represent appropriate use of funds."

Efficacy of Business Critical Insurance, Guide 2014

  • "The insurance industry can help risk managers better prepare for a more complex environment. The sector is rich in data, information, research, papers, studies and so on. Day to day, this may go unseen. There needs to be more focus on tomorrow’s risks but the insurance industry has to work more closely with its clients to achieve this. It should be the industry’s primary focus, so that it stays relevant."

Sabrina Hartusch, President - Swiss Association of Risk Managers

  • "The best approach is to have (probably a series of) in-depth conversations with your insurance partner, so that the insurer fully understands what’s driving the decision-making process and can tailor a nontraditional insurance solution accordingly. By not having such conversations, you risk paying for insurance that you don’t need.", The Changing Role of Insurance in Corporate Risk Management Strategies

  • "Working out the pain point at which a business would be placed under strain if a policy fails is an extremely worthwhile exercise. Once businesses have worked out this “pain point”, they should look at each key class of business and ask: ‘What are the loss events that could conceivably deliver a large claim of this magnitude and how clearly am I covered?"

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